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Return to The Why Cafe - Signed Collector Copy
Return to The Why Cafe - Signed Collector Copy

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Note: This book will be signed by author John P. Strelecky prior to shipping

About Return to The Why Cafe

This is the sequel to the #1 inspirational Bestseller - The Why Cafe.

On a random night, along a forgotten road, John's life was forever changed when he wandered into a tiny little place known affectionately as - The Why Cafe.

After spending an entire evening there, he walked out with a new perspective about the meaning of life overall, and about his life in particular.

To his great surprise, ten years later he suddenly finds himself at the cafe once again. There are more questions on the cafe menu:

- Why are you here?

- Are you playing in your playground?

- Do you have MPO?

And there are new adventures to be had.

As before, his time at the cafe launches his life in an inspiring and new direction.

Set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, this follow-up to the #1 Bestseller, The Why Cafe, returns readers to the place where great food, thought provoking questions, and life-changing experiences, are all on the menu. So settle into a cozy booth by the window, and enjoy your--Return to The Why Cafe.

Sample of Reader Comments:

“A very beautiful and inspiring story filled with wisdom and great characters. Reading this was not only fun, it brought light to my mood. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who have a stressful daily routine and feel they are no longer living their own lives. This is the fourth book I’ve read by John Strelecky and I’ve loved every one.”

-T. Obion

“This book literally fell at my feet and cried, ‘Take me with you.’ At first I resisted, but I just knew there was something there for me, and I bought it. I’ve since bought it for many family and friends. This book is simply enchanting. It’s a beautiful story which brings so much wisdom. It’s my new go to gift!”

- P. Turbo

“A great book that helps the reader become aware of significant ideas like what is important to us? Are we living so that these important ideas have enough space? If not, why not? Although the concepts in the book are very thought provoking, they are conveyed in a way which makes it easy to read and consider. This is absolutely worth reading. I do recommend reading The Why Cafe at least three months, or better yet six months before this book. You will get even more out of it then.”

- Manfred Schröder

“This is the best book I've ever read. It is the sequel to The Why Cafe. I was surprised that it is three times as thick as the first book, yet every single page is worth reading.

I’ve read a lot of good motivational books, but this one just hit me at the right time, in the right way. Interesting, well written, exciting...and absolutely authentic. I want to give a copy to everyone in my life.”

- T. Enns

“Even more impressive than the first book. I’ll read both of them again and again.”

-B. Aysilon

“A lot of wisdom wrapped in an interesting story. I recommend reading it slowly and enjoying each page as you go through it. Thank you John Strelecky for a wonderful book!”

- B. Bergmann

“A wonderful book, just beautiful! Now it’s up to me to lead the way in my own life.”

- B. Bibion

“I found this book at just the right time in my life. What an experience! I read and read and read! I sat there in The Why Cafe, experiencing every page, and at the end of the book, I knew a new way for my life. Thank you for this wonderful book.”

- Chistiane Ohn

“Just as excellent as the first book. The story here is addicting and gave me important food for thought :) I'm curious when and how it continues ...”

-Kaspar Ahnesorgon

“Interesting story that reads well. My only regret was that I didn’t want it to end. Very thought provoking. I’ve already started reading it a second time.”

-G. Buchon