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How to Be Rich and Happy - Signed Collector Copy
How to Be Rich and Happy - Signed Collector Copy

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About How to Be Rich and Happy

Co-authored by John P. Strelecky and master life coach Tim Brownson, this book will change the way you look at life.

The definition of "Rich and Happy" is the ability to do what you want, when you want. It's not about money. It's about freedom.

The author's bring over twenty years worth of research into what it is that enables some people to live life in the way they want, while most do not. They explain the formula which is incredibly consistent in the real life examples of those who have found their way out of the 9-5 and into a life of their choosing.

Included in this book are the groundbreaking and thought provoking methods for identifying your core values. Tips for successfully maneuvering through the Rich and Happy Matrix. Examples which will help you master one of the key elements of freedom - your money beliefs. Tools such as the Rich and Happy Ratio which will inspire you to look at the way you spend your resources in a completely new way.

Sample of Reader Comments:

“As someone who is self employed and currently travelling the world, I can attest to everything that is written in How to Be Rich and Happy. In fact, I would say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.”

- Glen Allsopp

“I loved How To Be Rich And Happy. I even found myself asking ‘Is this the modern day Think & Grow Rich?”

- Michael Heppell, International Best Selling Author of How to Be Brilliant

“How to be Rich and Happy gave me the push I needed to take my life in the direction I want it to go and a blueprint to make sure I was going in the right direction. It provides more than just a formula for leading the life you want to live, it motivates and inspires.”

- Tracy O’Connor

“This is the clearest, most compelling book about being happy – not to mention rich – I have read in a very long time. I am absolutely blown away by the laser like focus of this material. Completely worth your time and money.”

- Jen Louden

“This book is a tool to obtain that which everyone desires. And, yet it is so much more than that. It is guide that will become your friend, your teacher and your confidant. I wouldn’t take my next life step without it.”

- Bob Poole, Author of Listen First – Sell Later

“I read a lot of books every week and most of them are okay, so when I picked up How to be Rich & Happy I wasn’t expecting much, but by the end of the 2 day period it took me to devour it I was floored. This book is hands down one of the best, life changing, dream affirming reads I’ve seen in years. I put it up there with the likes of How to Win Friends & Influence People and Think and Grow Rich. If you do only one thing for yourself this year, towards changing your life forever, make that reading How to be Rich & Happy – you won’t regret it. ”

- Maren Kate, Escaping the 9 to 5

“John and Tim dish out solid advice on making the most of yourself, regardless of who you are. Far from being a mere motivational book, this is an essential manual for life.”

- Hunter Nuttal

“This book was critical for me at a time when I needed it most. I was at crossroads, feeling unsatisfied about how my life was going, but not sure which direction to go next. Uncertainty is a terrible point to be at. The most helpful part of the book for me was the area about identifying your values. I loved this because it's not about defining a particular career or one particular goal or strength, but getting to the core of what's really important to you and then building your path upon that. It's something I just never thought of doing, like I'm sure most other people haven't. But when I did, all kinds of light-bulbs went off. If I said that everyone could get something from this book, it wouldn't be an exaggeration. I've given away 2 copies to friends and recommended it to several others. Some people I've recommended it to were in a special moment of need and others I felt would appreciate the extra clarity. If you're doubting getting your copy, don’t.”

- EPA (Amazon.com review)

“I picked this book up because I was familiar with Tim Brownson and enjoyed his writings. This book is full of wit and great insights on what it means to be rich and happy. There's more to success in life than how much money you make. In fact, money is a very misleading measure of success. This book shows you why that is, and how you can work towards the kind of success that truly matters.”

- Haider Al-Mosawi

“How to be rich is an excellent book. Tim and John (the authors) use their many years of real experience and research to explain in detail how to be "Happy and Rich”. Every once in a while I read a non-fiction book that would be interesting to virtually anybody who wants to make improvements in their lives.This is that book!”

- Izzy (Amazon.com review)

“This book was amazing. For me, it helped facilitate a big change in my life. It's funny how hearing someone else say something that should be obvious can really alter your view on things. The book itself is not a magic pill to happiness, and you have to follow through on their advice, but it provides you with many activities and real-life examples that can really change your view on things. These guys are good, they know what they are talking about, and it is entertaining which helps you read and understand it. It also seems to relate personally so you don't feel like you're reading something that does not pertain to your situation. I have purchased copies for friends, and I think anyone who is having some doubts in life should read this book. It definitely can help you moving in the right direction.”

- Ervin (Amazon.com review)