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The Big Five for Life - Paperback - Signed Collector Copy
The Big Five for Life - Paperback - Signed Collector Copy

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Note: This book will be signed by author John P. Strelecky prior to shipping

About The Big Five for Life

This book will inspire you. It will change your life in ways you can’t know now, but you’ll understand completely once you’re done reading it.

It will also forever enhance the way you look at your role as a leader. That includes the way you lead at home, at work, in your community...and especially the way you lead you.

At every given moment we are all called to be leaders. If for no other purpose than to lead ourselves.After all, someone has to inspire you to get out of bed each day. And that someone, is you.

It is told from the perspective of Thomas Derale, a man viewed by the people around him as the greatest leader in the world. At fifty-five years of age he learns he is dying. Yet even in that—the act of dying—he inspires everyone around him to live.

The principles in this book, such as the Big Five for Life and Museum Day Morning, have positively impacted millions of people around the world. Each in their own unique way as they have applied them to their life, their situation.

When you receive your copy, open to the first page, begin to read, and let them inspire you.

Sample of Reader Comments:

“I read your book The Big Five for Life. It was excellent. It is inspiring and has filled my soul with great feelings. Thank you very much for this excellent story.”

- Thomas Laggner

“I read your books “The Why Cafe”, “Life Safari” and “The Big Five for Life” many times. The stories are so moving and inspire me greatly. Congratulation!!!”

- Gerda Aigner

“I read countless books on this topic, and this is one of the most profound and interesting books to make a lasting impact on me. The information tips are like jewels throughout the pages. ”

- Danielle Wallace

“Congratulations, your book is really inspiring and great help in leadership in our present world. A truly inspiring book.”

- C. Pednault, Canada

“I have read your book twice. The first time through was a quick read. The second time through… I used my yellow highlighter. I have since purchased 10 copies and am giving them to the “leaders” I meet who need something to take them to the next level.”

- Lance, USA

“Hello John, I read your book, The Big Five for Life, and I love it. Thank you.”

- Jurgen Braun, Germany

“A moving read. Over the past twenty years as a principal, I’ve always been interested in what makes an organization successful. For me, many of the characteristics of Thomas’ businesses are what I do. Being able to see them in a different light is very helpful and is confirmation for me that my beliefs are right. This book has the perfect blend of a human story line with excellent leadership practices. It keeps you involved while addressing not only thought provoking management skills, but a powerful philosophy of life.”

- Michael Tellone

“Thank you. Your book changed my life.”

- H. Peterson

“Your PFE is obviously to write and teach. I either like something and gain from it or do not. This is one I loved.”

- Kristi Karst Gomen

“Your book, The Big Five for Life is a real gem. It has gotten some great TV coverage here on a show called Salut Bonjour. Thanks for being who you are and keep shinning.”

- P.G., Canada

“I love your books. You open my mind.”

- Fabian Benkert

“I love this book. At the end of the day what success comes down to is the human aspect. We want to make a profit, we want to grow, we want to be successful. We also want the people along with us to be growing, successful and happy. This book has the right mix of examples, concepts and emotion to help leaders achieve that.”

- Jane Hall, SVP American Bank

“I read your book, The Big Five for Life. It’s great. I hope many people discover it and lead this way.”

- Nadine H., USA

“I read The Big Five for Life within 3 hours. Awesome, amazing and overwhelming. It made me cry at the end to the degree my girlfriend who was sitting beside me was wondering what happened. Thank you very much. Very inspiring.”

- Mario, Netherlands

“There are a ton of books on leadership, but not since the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma) have I read a book that brings all the best leadership concepts together in one engaging tale. With each passing page I wished that I knew the leader described in this book. If even half of our political and corporate leaders operated in the manner so eloquently described in this book, the world would be an extraordinary place. After reading this book, I realized how important it is for each and every person to step up their leadership ability… starting with me!”

-K. Manieri

“Thank you for your great books. They are very inspiring.”

- Sven Heine

“I am an Employment Counsellor and am always picking up books that I think will help me in my work with clients. I started reading your book Saturday morning and finished it Sunday afternoon….I could not put it down! I want to give copies of it to all my “leaders” in my organization because I think they all need to read it. Again, you inspired me and I wanted to just say thank you!”

- Beth Lambert

“I often advise people to read your books or gave them as presents. Thank you for giving us some great inspiration!”

- J.A.

“My eyes were opened and I picked up new perspectives through this book. I consider it a must read for my friends and staff. Museum Day Morning is my favorite takeaway. That concept gives me an important tool, a visual tool, for focusing on what is truly important to me. You have a winner here.”

- Kevin Sabourin

“Hi John, I love your inspirational books. Thanks.”

- Markus

“I’m a person who is always hoping for something nicer around the corner but hasn’t got the nerve to really look what’s there. I’m at the point now that I want to try something new. You’re one of the people who gave me that inspiration and I thank you for that.”

- Bea Veenhof

“I began this story and ended up reading it nonstop. It was too captivating to put down. The premise is powerful and the message is something that will inspire people everywhere. One of the best I’ve read.”

- Dave Powelson

“As soon as I finished reading this I knew I would buy a copy for each of our employees. We are in the middle of changing the way we look as things and we’re going to start with this book and build from there. You’ve changed my way of looking at life with this.”

- Jan Mossfeldt, Sweden

“Yesterday I read your book “The Big Five for Life” in three hours. I couldn’t stop reading! There was something beyond just the words. A new way of looking at life. That’s a great present and one that doesn’t come often. Thank you for it.”

- Sabine H.