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Thank you so much!

By choosing to purchase directly from my site, you are making a HUGE impact.

Most people don't realize that only $.80 goes to the author when their $10.00 book is sold on Amazon or other online retailers. Just $.80! (Amazon gets $5.50)

So by being the super awesome person you are and buying on this site, it's a much more fair deal. And that's the kind of thing which enables me to keep writing!

So thank you again! You are AWESOME!

As a thank you for your awesomeness, I will personally sign each and every book you purchase. PLUS, 20% off of new releases, like Return to The Why Cafe, The Big Five for Life Continued, and Ahas! - Moments of Inspired Thought.

PLUS, free shipping for all orders over $35 shipped to any address in the continental U.S.A.

With great gratitude,


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